Here’s what students had to say after a week at Transformation Zone:

“This week gave me the motivation to do great things in my own life”!
“Just Thursday I said ‘yes’ to God and I have felt like I have started a better and new life.
“I have learned the best way to show I am a Christian is not by knowing facts but by loving everyone because they are children of God.”
“I give it a 10, my life is changed forever, awesome week! One of the best in my life!”
“I came broken and damaged, but I am healed as one of God’s children.”
“I thought I was unworthy of His love, but now I see I am. So I became a complete follower in Christ.”
“T-zone has helped me have a stronger and trusting relationship with God!”
“This is a fantastic program and an awesome way to engage youth in all different ministries.”
“Seeing the faces of the people at the nursing home when we did puppets they loved it sooo much! They were clapping and singing the whole time!”
“Speakers were amazing!”
“The favorite part my of summer.”
“Honestly I really loved this and I can’t wait to come back next summer!”

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